Some answers to common questions I get asked about my bikes, h-bars and the like.

New Spaceframe Video

In answering questions from riders who are interested in understanding what our bikes are about, we get a lot of questions about the Spaceframe design.  Many assume that Jeff wanted to make a bike that would stand out by looking different (which, it’s true, the Jones Spaceframe design does).  But that wasn’t the goal […]

Jones Plus Road: Notes from outside

Since I started riding the Jones Plus, it’s become the only bike I ride for pretty much everything; but that didn’t happen overnight.  At first, I thought of it as a mountain bike that was also good for gravel roads, but which probably wouldn’t be what I would choose for rides that involved more […]

Jones Build and Talk Video

We’ve just released a new Jones Bikes video!   The third in a series of videos that were made from a week of riding and interviews filmed last fall, this installment follows Jeff as he builds a complete Jones Plus bicycle and talks about how his history with bikes led him to his unique […]

New Jones Bikes Video

We’ve been thinking about making a new video for some months now, so when a local drone videographer approached us about collaborating on one, we decided it was finally time.  Now that the filming and editing are done, we can say that we’re really happy with the result, and we hope you’ll like it […]

A preview of the new Jones video

We’ll be releasing our new video on Monday, November 23rd!  Check it out!

Introductions and a ride on the Plus….

First, for introductions: my name is Brendon, and since I started working at Jones Bikes, I’ve been wearing many hats, so there’s a good chance that if you’ve ordered anything from us in the last months, I’ve had some role in it.  Mostly I build bikes and wheels, and work on the website; but […]

Jones Plus Standover Heights

OK, here are two photos (click for bigger) showing the standover height for the 25″ (effective top tube) and 24″ (ETT) Jones Plus versions. Standover isn’t everything – there’s a lot more in Jones Geometry – but these are useful for people wanting to get an idea of how they might stand astride a Plus.

Make […]

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650b (27.5) wheels in a Jones 29 Spaceframe

Following on from my recent 29/29+/Fat-Front tire demonstration in the Jones Plus frameset, here is an image showing how a Jones 29 (in this instance a Steel Spaceframe but it applies to all the Jones 29 frames) can accept 650b (27.5) tires. Click pic for the big version!

650B wheels (depending on tire choice) can […]

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Plus – 29 – EBB adjustment benefits

The EBB on the Jones Plus ensures that if a rider switches between 29+ tires and standard 29er tires they can adjust their position on the bike to keep the bottom bracket height and pedal clearance the same. They don’t have to ride lower with the smaller tires, with pedal strikes more likely. The […]

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Oddly, sign-up isn’t at the bottom of these blog pages […]

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