Some answers to common questions I get asked about my bikes, h-bars and the like.

Custom Diamond frame

This frame set has the same geometry as the 23″ diamond frame but with a shorter seat tube lower top tube and seat stays.

Full custom frames are now available.

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Rohloff shifter on Loop bar

Albert’s bike has a Loop bar now.

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Powder coated steel

Here’s a steel frame set with routing for a Shimano Alfine hub. It also has rack mounts front and rear, two bottle mounts and Crud Catcher mounts.

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Powder coated Steel

The steel frames and forks are now being powder coated instead of painted. It’s a more durable and environmentally friendly finish. Looks good too. This frame has the optional rack mounts for the rear.

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Ti Diamond frame with Steel Fat fork

This fork will work with some 26″ bikes.

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Rohloff 14 SpeedHub Jones

Here’s Albert’s Jones with a Rohloff hub.

The bar was custom bent by Seven.

The hub fit up without the need for the speedbone adaptor.

 The bike is 24lbs.

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Steel frame with titanium truss fork

It’s more than half a pound lighter compared to the steel fork.

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H-bars and stem length

Update as of 7/18/17: This post is based on an older version of the H-Bar and isn’t useful for fitting the H-Bar anymore.  It’s a great historical reference, but if you’re looking to fit your H-Bar, please refer to our Support page where you can find the H-Bar Manual which will give you information […]

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Titec H-bar

The Titec bar is the same width and angle as the original titanium h-bar but with some rise (and built out of aluminum). It’s (at time of writing) $95 without grips and wrap and $130 with grips and wrap installed like this.

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24 inch sizing

Here are some pictures I took of a frame for someone who was asking me “how big” a 24″ bike could be. In the pictures the seat post is at the max. From the center of the bb, to the top of the seat where the sit pads are is 35.5”. The top stem is 17degx110mm […]

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