Bikes on the trail


We often post studio photos of the bikes we build before they go out to their new owners, but it goes without saying that those bikes are going out to be ridden, so we wanted to post a few photos that those riders have sent to us!  With each bike that we build up […]

Builds that just left the stand

As usual, more builds means less time to talk about them, but there have been a lot of great builds happening lately!  We’ve also been wanting to make purchasing a complete bike easier, and because we have a few builds that Jeff recommends most of the time because he knows that they work really […]

Jones in the media

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, and a lot’s been happening in that time!  We’ve gotten the new Jones Plus 148 TA frames in steel, ti, and the new 23″ Spaceframe Plus, all of which have been getting built into complete bikes headed out to all corners of the globe (we’ll be […]

New Jones Plus review on!

Omar Bhimji, over at, just posted his long-term review of the Jones Plus!  We love hearing riders’ impressions when they first encounter the Jones Plus, and how riding it affects the way they look at it!  We enjoyed reading Omar’s review, and hope you will too!  Check it out here!