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Target / Practice

I had a good ride Sunday. I took out the new bike I built, the pre-production steel Diamond with unicrown frameset, that was at Interbike. A few specification details; all the spokes, front, rear, left and right are the same length and are equally tensioned. The hubs have different dimensions but the spoke length […]

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Jones titanium Spaceframe bike POV


Here is a new video with a view of my titanium frame. I recorded this on a mountain road/trail network at the end of one of my loop rides.

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James and his Jones in France

James rides out of the UK. He sent me this account of a recent trip in France…

“We just did another bikepacking trip, this time riding between Geneva and Nice in the French Alps in 12 days. We bivied out almost every night and went a bit off-route following some amazing trails. Some of the […]

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Jones in Japan

Here are two pictures and some words from a rider in Japan. He has a Jones… I haven’t corrected his writing much at all. He gets his point across and his English is infinitely better than my Japanese! He likes the bike.

“There was a MTB race in Nagano Prefecture on May 27. The race […]

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Bicycling elective class at school

There was a bike riding elective at the school so we volunteered to help.
Before each ride we meet to go over the rules of the road and how to be safer out there…

Then there was learning to ride around obstacles in the bike lane…

A bridge over Bear Creek…

Riding past the pear orchards…

We stopped to […]

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Spring Thaw race in Ashland

We loaded up the bus and went to Ashland for the Spring Thaw  kids race and downhill this past weekend. We all had fun.

I ended up pinching my rear tube in rocks near the start which left me with a flat tire by the time I got to the last few turns and final […]

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A ride in Spain

It looks like James had a nice ride in Spain.

Here’s his photo set on Flickr.

“The steel Jones is incredible when loaded up, it shouts at rocks to get out of the damn way and when they don’t listen it plows through them anyway. None of the rocks actually did move, so it probably speaks […]

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My trip to Eurobike…

I hope to go again next year.

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Ride sleep ride

I rode up the mountain Saturday evening, spent the night and rode back the next morning.


I can see California from here.

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First ride up top since snow melt

I’ve been very busy in the shop building wheels and bikes.

I caught up enough with orders that I decided to go out and ride up to the top.

I rode the diamond bike with the new partial frame pack. I’ll have the partial and the full pack in stock soon.

The ride up is mostly paved […]

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