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Testing times

OK, we often get messages from customers. They seem to like what I’m doing. How I see cycling. And we get reviews too, sometimes from large established publications and sometimes from smaller outfits. I’ve collected a few here that I’ve seen recently. Tests and mentions and customer comments…

Firstly a mention on Dirty Pages. If […]

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Plus – 29 – EBB adjustment benefits

The EBB on the Jones Plus ensures that if a rider switches between 29+ tires and standard 29er tires they can adjust their position on the bike to keep the bottom bracket height and pedal clearance the same. They don’t have to ride lower with the smaller tires, with pedal strikes more likely. The […]

Jones Titanium Diamond frame sets and bikes

It has been a while (eg 2008) since you could get a Jones titanium Diamond frame. We have been receiving numerous requests for us to make more and we are finally pleased to announce that we’re doing a small run. They should be ready to ship by mid-November. We are taking pre-orders for frame […]

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Three different wheel sets, in a turn, in slow motion.

I recently bought a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera.
Here is an experiment I did to see the action of the tires on ground.

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Jones as a City and Touring Bike

This bike was ridden and reviewed by Patrick O’Grady for Adventure Cyclist magazine.

I designed/developed/evolved the geometry of this bike out on the tight single track trails in the woods and the dirt and gravel mountain roads near my shop here in Oregon. It is a “mountain bike” but is also an All Terrain Bike […]

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My trip to Eurobike…

I hope to go again next year.

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Bikes, SSWC and Eurobike

I’ve been busy here with building up bikes, wheels and rolling chassis along with frame sets and wrapping bars. I have not added to the blog as I want to take care of the bikes that need building first. Most of my rides have been test rides for newly built bikes to be shipped […]

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Steel Jones in WMTB . . .

Steve Worland’s test of the steel diamond frame is now out, over in the UK, in the Summer 2011 issue of What Mountain Bike. I can’t reproduce the article here, that wouldn’t be right, but I can suggest you see if you can get hold of a copy (and I’ll ask the publishers about […]

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Spaceframe Geometry

Ok, catching up with myself here and I’ve had the first of the geometry details graphics sorted. There will soon be more to explain some of the thoughts, details and machinations that make my bikes what they are. This one, the titanium spaceframeset has been added to the production framesets page on my website, […]

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Steel Jones with Steve Worland

Biff has been in touch, from the UK, to say that the steel diamond framed Jones bicycle (it featured in an earlier blog post) is now with Steve Worland for a What Mountain Bike Magazine test. Steve is a much respected cyclist and experienced journalist so it will be interesting to hear what he […]

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