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Right, this is the first of several blog posts as I attempt to catch up with telling you (the reader) everything that I’ve been up to since I last posted. It’s been too long, and I’ve been very busy. There is a lot going on at Jones Bicycles this year. It is all good, […]

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A ride on new steel

I’ve been riding with the new steel frame and forks.

The snow will be here soon.

On this ride I kept everything in the bags and off my back. There is another water bottle in there too.

I’ve been choosing the fat wheel over the 29″ most of the time.

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NYC MAD trip

We went to the exhibit opening in NY at The Museum of Arts and Design and had a great time. I was thrilled to meet the other builders and some of the people that helped make the exhibit happen.

Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle
May 31- Aug 15, 2010

Here is a portion of the video playing at […]

steel frame set

It’s the same color as this one.

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Another little movie

Here’s another clip from my video experiments. I still can’t get the sound to transfer so you’ll have to imagine (for now) the wind noise, occasional tire/trail fx and me muttering something or other at the end.

Next up might well be a rear facing camera looking at a six-speed set-up in action. For now […]

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Busy – nothing to announce (yet)

Sorry, realize I haven’t blog’ed for a while but I’ve been busy. A few steel and titanium bikes have been built, prepped and shipped to customers and I’m doing a lot of new stuff too. Several plans are coming together pretty well and the future’s bright. It’s very much wait and see though – […]

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4130 cromo steel Truss fork

When I built my first Spaceframe in 2003 I used 4130 cromo.

I’ve been asked many times about the possibility of a steel Truss fork and Spaceframe and I’ve been wanting to build a set for a while.

The fork went together well.

It’s heavier than the titanium Truss but it’s lighter than the more normal steel […]

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Neil’s bike and news

Neil’s bike is now built and shipped. He should have it soon.

This is one of the last bikes I’ll be building with Merlin made frames and forks.

Merlin informed us, after we had placed an order for more frame sets with them, that they wont be able to build for us anymore. They wont be […]

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pure ss test ride

Finished and took it for a ride yesterday. I’ll clean, tune and pack it this weekend.

No hanger and no derailleur cable guides.

135mm fork spacing with Paul Whub.

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A bike fest in the Philippines

I was out of the shop but I’m back now. I was invited to a bike festival in the Philippines and I hadn’t been there before and there was going to be a lot of riding so I went. Plus it was snowing here and hot and sunny there. I had to go.

There was […]

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