Recent builds: fenders and generator hubs on the Jones 148!

We’ve had some builds in recent months that have really showcased the versatility that’s possible with a Jones Plus, and it only seemed appropriate to make a post about a couple of them that really stand out.

The first is 23″ Spaceframe Plus 148 that we built for George.  He said he wanted a bike […]

Great builds from Europe

We build a lot of Jones Plus bikes here at the shop, but it’s always great to see how others build the bikes.  We’ve seen a couple of builds from two of our international dealers that look really nice, and we wanted to let everyone know about them!  If you’re in Europe, these dealers […]

Jones Plus in Cycling Plus!

Cycling Plus in the UK recently put out an article that compared three “adventure bikes”, of which the Jones Plus was one very different player!  It’s always fun for us to see what riders from different backgrounds say about Jeff’s bikes, and this article is no exception.  The Jones Plus is a little bit […]

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    Let’s talk about sizing…and while we’re at it, how about having our first sale, EVER!

Let’s talk about sizing…and while we’re at it, how about having our first sale, EVER!

We have two announcements that we hope will make it easier for everyone to get on a Jones bike!

Some of the most common questions we get revolve around sizing, and for a while we’ve been tossing different ideas around as potential solutions.  In the end, we’ve decided that this is another one of those […]

Jones H-Bar Video

We’ve released the final video in the series that we’ve made from filming we did last summer.  This short video focuses on the history, design, and evolution of the H-bar.  You might wonder why the H-Bars ended up with their shape, or why you would want a 660mm vs a 710mm H-Bar, and in […]

Recent Builds

Once again, it’s taken far too long to post some of the recent builds, but we hope you enjoy them all the same!  We’ve had some really great builds of late, and I’ve just been too busy to post the pictures!  This time, I’m putting up not only the straight-on side shot, but an additional […]

Jones in the media

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, and a lot’s been happening in that time!  We’ve gotten the new Jones Plus 148 TA frames in steel, ti, and the new 23″ Spaceframe Plus, all of which have been getting built into complete bikes headed out to all corners of the globe (we’ll be […]

New Spaceframe Video

In answering questions from riders who are interested in understanding what our bikes are about, we get a lot of questions about the Spaceframe design.  Many assume that Jeff wanted to make a bike that would stand out by looking different (which, it’s true, the Jones Spaceframe design does).  But that wasn’t the goal […]

Jones Plus Road: Notes from outside

Since I started riding the Jones Plus, it’s become the only bike I ride for pretty much everything; but that didn’t happen overnight.  At first, I thought of it as a mountain bike that was also good for gravel roads, but which probably wouldn’t be what I would choose for rides that involved more […]

New Jones Plus review on NSMB.com!

Omar Bhimji, over at NSMB.com, just posted his long-term review of the Jones Plus!  We love hearing riders’ impressions when they first encounter the Jones Plus, and how riding it affects the way they look at it!  We enjoyed reading Omar’s review, and hope you will too!  Check it out here!