Our new products at Interbike

Our Interbike post needed to be broken into two parts because the drive and the show are such stories in themselves, but we also want to show you what we’re working on, and what we brought to Interbike.  Jeff has been hard at work on his quest to make bicycles that will help everyone […]

Interbike: the journey there and back again

It’s been a little longer than usual since we’ve posted anything, and part of that is because we were busy getting ready for, driving to, exhibiting at, and then driving home from Interbike.  For those of you who’ve never been, Interbike is the biggest bicycle trade show in the North America, and it shows just how […]

Max’s Iceland ride

We’ve been getting correspondence from Max, for the last month or so, about his trip through Iceland on his Jones Plus, and we’ve posted some of the photos he’s sent us on Facebook because we thought it would interest everyone to see what he was doing.  

Now he’s finished the ride, and he told us […]

Jones Sasquatch T-Shirts now in stock!

We just got our new T-shirts back from the printer, and they look great!  We’ve brought back the elusive Jones Sasquatch logo, and with it artwork by Stephen Haynes.  The shirt drawing went through a many iterations before it was done, but the wait was worth it because the final product is outstanding.  The […]

Jones Bikes – new location!

Jones Bikes has moved to new location.  We now have so much more space to work, display bikes and H-bars, and generally organize things better. That’s not to say leaving Griffin Creek Road was easy – the shop there had grown with us in a very organic way and it had a real personality…


As […]

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A look at recent bicycle builds….

We’ve been building up a lot of bikes, and thought folks might be interested to see some of them.  Every bike we build is essentially custom; but we do direct customers to components and combinations of parts that we know work well, are reliable, and will function harmoniously together.  The upshot of this approach […]

Custom Wheelbuilder

You can now, in our store,  select the exact wheel build you want (from the carefully selected range we offer – all tested and approved by Jeff). Rims, hubs, tires and extras are all there for to you choose from and the price will adjust to reflect your choices. That not to say you […]

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    Ride a Jones at the Duthie, Washington Evergreen MTB Festival!

Ride a Jones at the Duthie, Washington Evergreen MTB Festival!

Road trip!

Me and around nine Jones bicycles (27.5″, 29″, 29 Plus, steel and titanium) will be at the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance’s 6th Annual Festival at Duthie in the state of Washington on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 from 9am-5pm (see evergreenmtbfestival.com for all the details). Come and see me as soon as you can, as […]

Jones in Bicycle Quarterly #51


(The pictures above of Bicycle Quarterly were approved to share by Jan as they are not readable.)

“The Jones feels both totally different and yet remarkably similar”

I sent a bike to Jan at Bicycle Quarterly in late August 2014 – they take their time testing bikes there. They do things right. They question things. Jan took it touring and raced […]

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Fresh Jones Stock

It was quite a delivery but it’s great to have so many things available again. We now have Jones Plus framesets in stock, and 710mm aluminum Loop H-bars! We’re shipping all the pre-orders out as soon as we can and  everything else not reserved is available in the store. Stock is limited though so […]

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