Singletrack Magazine, recently published a review of the Jones Plus (issue #111), so get yourself a copy and check it out!


Seeing how reviewers all over the world respond to the Jones Plus is always intriguing for us, and this review is no exception.  It’s a fun read, and we’d recommend looking for it!

The one thing that we’d like to make a note of is that the reviewers didn’t mention that we do have a small size in the Jones Plus: the 23″ Spaceframe Plus 148 just uses the Spaceframe design instead of the Diamond frame design because the former has such great standover clearance, making it the best option for smaller riders!

“Overall, it’s unique, there’s no question about that. It excels at the smooth, the fast, and the sinuous, and it rides much, much better than a snooty, preconception-filled look over the numbers might suggest. And while many – with good reason – will take the Plus on long-distance touring epics, this is just as much as full-on trail bike. Only different.”