We’ve just released a new Jones Bikes video!   The third in a series of videos that were made from a week of riding and interviews filmed last fall, this installment follows Jeff as he builds a complete Jones Plus bicycle and talks about how his history with bikes led him to his unique designs.

Watching the video—as often happens when we’re talking about bikes—I found myself thinking about how Jeff often seems to come to different conclusions than many others might.  It’s always fun to be forced to reconsider how I look at the components I use on my bike, the way I ride that bike, and what I expect a given bike to be able to do.  This video does that for me.  I’ve realized that in many cases I’ve let myself slip into an acceptance of a bicycle’s limitations rather than trying to re-imagine that bicycle in order to expand its capabilities.  This video gives another glimpse into Jeff’s philosophy on bikes, an important part of which he sums up really nicely when he says, “a bicycle is a tool, like a hammer or a saw.”  If you look at a bicycle that way, and really try to just imagine a bike that actually performs as well as it can in the widest range of conditions, it’s not hard to see how Jeff has arrived at his bikes and H-Bars.

We hope you’ll enjoy the video, and as always, please let us know if you have any questions!

And of course, have fun out there!