It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, and a lot’s been happening in that time!  We’ve gotten the new Jones Plus 148 TA frames in steel, ti, and the new 23″ Spaceframe Plus, all of which have been getting built into complete bikes headed out to all corners of the globe (we’ll be posting more photos of those soon).  We also just got our first shipment of Duro Crux 29×3.25″ tires, which we first showed at Interbike 2015!  Outside of the shop though, there’s been a lot of buzz about our bikes and H-Bars, so this post will be about those.

We always like pretty pictures of our bikes, so we were excited to see Cass Gilbert’s review of the Jones Plus on earlier this summer!  In addition to finding and knowing how to make the best use of great light, cass did a thoughtful and well-written review, so make sure to check it out!  After reviewing the bike, Cass decided to buy the frame and one of the new titanium Truss forks for the Jones Plus, and he’s recently posted some photos of that setup on his instagram feed.

In other news, that I’m embarrassed to say I can’t read, the German magazine MTB News, published a test of four handlebars, including a Jones H-Bar.  Some of the other bars have more-than-standard sweep, but none have anywhere as much as the Jones 710mm Aluminum Loop H-Bar that they review, so it’s a pretty cool comparison.  If Google translate is any indication, they liked the bar, but you can be the judge here!  Read it if you can, or take it as another reason to learn another language if you can’t!

The UK-based Cranked, recently interviewed Jeff, as well Keith Bontrager, Peter Denk, and Joe Murray, for an article the magazine was working on.  Now the article is out, and it’s a really interesting look at the history of mountain bike design!

Here’s a tiny sample of the article as it relates to Jeff:

Only by thinking from the ground up and really questioning everything about bicycle design  are we going to see major advancements in our offroad machines. By ignoring fashion – and the bike industry’s traditional and enthusiast-based opinion – and really listening to the consumer we could, possibly, see real improvement in bicycle design. Exciting yet comfortable, stable, confident, reliable and safe: these are all words that Jones uses to describe his bicycles. He also designs deliberately, consciously, outside the box. Perhaps he’s onto something.”

We’d recommend getting your hands on a copy of Cranked #6 because it’s full of beautiful photos and great articles!  Below is a photo of the first spread of the article (it’s spread over many pages).


Driven Magazine in Hong Kong, also ran an article about Jeff and his bikes.  Jeff thought it was fun to be featured in a style section of a magazine, since he’s so much about function over fashion, but I guess when you make unique products, it’s hard to avoid style altogether, and maybe that’s just where bikes fit in an auto magazine!  In any case, it’s a great article, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading it!  Driven Magazine kindly gave us full-sized copies of the article, so you can just click on the photo for a larger version.





Much closer to home, Jeff is on the cover of Oregon Healthy Living!  Check out the article, which talks about mountain biking in Southern Oregon from the perspective of someone unfamiliar with riding bicycles off-road.


As always, we hope you’re finding time to get out and ride your bikes—wherever you ride!  Let us know if you have any questions, and keep the photos coming!