Cycling Plus in the UK recently put out an article that compared three “adventure bikes”, of which the Jones Plus was one very different player!  It’s always fun for us to see what riders from different backgrounds say about Jeff’s bikes, and this article is no exception.  The Jones Plus is a little bit of an enigma for many reviewers because it just doesn’t fit into any mold very well, but the reviewers said “it felt somehow timeless”, and that’s a very good description.

Look for a copy of the February 2017 (#323) issue of Cycling Plus (or order it here) to read the story, and then get out and ride a Jones Plus!  We think you’ll enjoy the article and then you’ll really enjoy the ride, because even if the Jones Plus is hard to explain, it’s easy to understand: you just need to ride it!

As the reviewers put it: “it never failed to put a smile on our face.”  That sums it up pretty well….