February 2015

Fresh Jones Stock

By |February 20th, 2015|

It was quite a delivery but it’s great to have so many things available again. We now have Jones Plus framesets in stock, and 710mm aluminum Loop H-bars! We’re shipping all the pre-orders out as soon as we can and  everything else not reserved is available in the store. Stock is limited though so […]

Thru-Axle Ti Spaceframe

By |February 4th, 2015|

This is (still) as good as it gets. The titanium Spaceframe and Truss fork deliver the rigid bicycle that is anything but. Laterally stiff to deliver the power with a vertical compliance that softens the ride? Yes, but this is only the icing on the cake. The Jones geometry ensures the best handling bike […]

Jones Plus Standover Heights

By |February 2nd, 2015|

OK, here are two photos (click for bigger) showing the standover height for the 25″ (effective top tube) and 24″ (ETT) Jones Plus versions. Standover isn’t everything – there’s a lot more in Jones Geometry – but these are useful for people wanting to get an idea of how they might stand astride a Plus.

Make […]

January 2015

Testing times

By |January 7th, 2015|

OK, we often get messages from customers. They seem to like what I’m doing. How I see cycling. And we get reviews too, sometimes from large established publications and sometimes from smaller outfits. I’ve collected a few here that I’ve seen recently. Tests and mentions and customer comments…

Firstly a mention on Dirty Pages. If […]

November 2014

650b (27.5) wheels in a Jones 29 Spaceframe

By |November 20th, 2014|

Following on from my recent 29/29+/Fat-Front tire demonstration in the Jones Plus frameset, here is an image showing how a Jones 29 (in this instance a Steel Spaceframe but it applies to all the Jones 29 frames) can accept 650b (27.5) tires. Click pic for the big version!

650B wheels (depending on tire choice) can […]

October 2014

Jones Plus and 710 (Carbon) H-bars – dates

By |October 30th, 2014|

We now have prices and availability dates for the Jones Plus and Carbon H-bars.

Visit jonesbikes.com (and the store) for information and for pre-orders.

Jones Plus frameset (Steel Diamond Frame, Steel Truss Fork with EBB and front axle). Color options are Black or Blue. Expected shipping dates are February 15th 2015 for the 24″ frameset and […]

H-bars at WEMBO…

By |October 30th, 2014|

I got a letter from Mark in the UK recently…

I just wanted to let you know that about a month ago I bought a set of Jones H-bars for my single speed (Pivot Les) to race at the World 24hr solo mountain bike champs in Scotland last weekend. The bars were amazing, so so […]

Stuart rides from London to Newquay

By |October 16th, 2014|

Stuart, in England took his Jones for a bike ride. He was kind enough to write to me about it — with pics!


Please find attached a few photos from my recent trip from London, England to Newquay in the South West of England. It’s not as epic as some of the journeys included in […]

Plus – 29 – EBB adjustment benefits

By |October 15th, 2014|

The EBB on the Jones Plus ensures that if a rider switches between 29+ tires and standard 29er tires they can adjust their position on the bike to keep the bottom bracket height and pedal clearance the same. They don’t have to ride lower with the smaller tires, with pedal strikes more likely. The […]

Jan has her Jones

By |October 7th, 2014|

Another happy customer. Jan was great. And she has a fine van too.

She visited months ago to test ride Loop H-Bars to replace the drop bars on her bike that were giving her hand problems. She road several of my bikes with H-Bars and then ended up ordering a complete Jones bike. We went […]