Stuart, in England took his Jones for a bike ride. He was kind enough to write to me about it — with pics!


Please find attached a few photos from my recent trip from London, England to Newquay in the South West of England. It’s not as epic as some of the journeys included in your blog, but for me it was an adventure! The route after London followed river and canal paths, tracks and country lanes, rarely touching a main road for very long. I set out from London Bridge to complete the scenic London to Kingston, Surrey section one Saturday (with a fat front tyre as shown in photos) and then returned to Kingston to start the main journey to Newquay the following weekend (some 380 miles over 4 days).

For Kingston to Newquay the bike was equipped with Big Apple tyres front and back to provide the right balance of pace on the road and comfort on the tracks. The Jones proved to be the ideal for job and dependable throughout. Having used it only for mountain biking before, I can now say it’s a truly versatile companion.

All the best