Our new products at Interbike

Our Interbike post needed to be broken into two parts because the drive and the show are such stories in themselves, but we also want to show you what we’re working on, and what we brought to Interbike. ¬†Jeff has been hard at work on his quest to make bicycles that will help everyone […]

Bob’s bike

Bob just built up and rode his bike and sent us a picture and a few words:
“Took my time putting the bike together this week. So far only 1000% satisfied, but I’m sure that will go up! The truss was a little daunting, but went together very easy. Right now I have 10mm stack […]

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Jones titanium Spaceframe bike POV


Here is a new video with a view of my titanium frame. I recorded this on a mountain road/trail network at the end of one of my loop rides.

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I’m not long back from Interbike – the big trade show here in the US and a great opportunity to see what’s what with cycling. I had a great time and was able to introduce the new Jones production frame-sets that I have had made for me. I’m now getting the details of what’s […]

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