Hi Everyone!

After not being sure about when we’d be seeing them for so long, we finally have solid dates on the arrival of the 24″ and 25″ Titanium Jones Plus 148 framesets!  Along with that, we are making them available for pre-order here!


Pre-production 25″ Titanium Jones Plus 148

Jeff has been dreaming of making a Jones Plus in titanium since he first started experimenting with what would become the Jones Plus geometry, back with the Long Ranger.  The Steel Jones Plus has been such an impressive bike that it almost seemed unnecessary to make a ti version but now that we’ve gotten to ride the pre-production framesets, it’s clear that it was worthwhile!  With a tubeset that’s designed to make the most of the characteristics of titanium, this bike has the lively, springy ride that great titanium is known for, and combines it with the balanced and super versatile feel that has come to define the Jones Plus.  The result is a bike that manages to be even better than the original Jones Plus: it’s lighter and more playful, but also comfortable and stable in all conditions.   In terms features, the Titanium Jones Plus 148 shares everything but material, tube diameters, weight, and finish with the Steel Jones Plus 148, which is a good thing, because a lot of thought and testing has gone into every part of that frameset!  We are really excited to have these frames available, and look forward to building yours!  If you’re interested in getting a complete bike, whether it’s a titanium Plus, or any of the other framesets we offer, feel free to give us a call at (541) 535-2034!

C-Rims are here!

C-Rims are here!

We also have the new Jones C-Rim in stock and ready to ship or build into complete wheels!  These rims have an inner width of 49mm, and an outer width of 56mm with 3.5mm-thick sidewalls that have rounded tops to protect the tire’s sidewall under hard impacts.  They’re available in both Centered, and Off-Centered versions for front and rear wheels, respectively (of course, if you’re front hub doesn’t have centered flanges, you might want to use an Off-Center version up front).  These are tough rims, and will build extremely strong wheels!  Read the whole story, and order yours here!  Also check out our updated Plus Wheelset Builder here!  We also offer front and rear Plus wheels separately.

As always give us a call at (541) 535-2034, or send us an email if you have any questions!

Happy April from all of us as Jones Bikes!