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Summer Solstice ride

 This year I took a different rout for my summer solstice, solo, summit and sleep over ride. Instead of dropping down to the roads, I went up the mountain and from peak to peak to get to the top. It made it longer with more climbing and eliminated cars so it was good way […]

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My trip back East

Wow! I had a great time!

The riding was great and so was hanging out and talking with everyone there.

See the trail? Good stuff.

Rider X

I mostly rode the 6 speed fat front bike.

The trail head just before the Bicycle Escape Jones demo ride.

Driving to Speedgoat.

Chris from Speedgoat.

I flew out and traveled in a rental van […]

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24″ bike and ride

The sun has been out and the trails have been dry so I removed the fenders from the 24″ Diamond 18 speed bike.

 Tonights ride started out sunny and ended with thunder and rain.


 My bike takes me to where I should be.

 It was a good ride.

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A ride with Chris and two bikes

Chris from Speedgoat came by for a day of riding.

 We traded bikes several times for comparison.

 steel and ti.

Chris wrote more about the ride in the Speedgoat blog.

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Steve taking the steps in So Cal.

up the mountain

I went for a ride up the mountain to see if the trails were clear of snow on one of the loops I like to do from the shop. Most of the ride is on dirt roads and then it ends with some very steep and rutted motorcycle trials. It’s a good ride with […]

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Darkness and snow

I had a good long ride last night that went into the night. I didn’t take a light because I thought I could make it back before dark but the snow slowed me. When I went to get my back up emergency light that I always keep in my pack – I couldn’t find it. […]

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Drop bar build

I finished this build and took it out for a good test ride (every bike is then cleaned and re-tuned completely before being packed up for shipping). The ride went very well. It worked perfectly. I climbed from my shop up the mountain out of the dark and cold under the clouds, up to […]

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I went out to test a customer’s bike… “I had a very good ride yesterday. It was just around freezing and the trail was very slushy and in some places icy. There was even some rain. I rode from the shop up the mountain and out of the clouds. I climbed up past where […]

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