The Jones Loophole pack has been a great way to store smaller loads in an easily-accessible and stable location, but there have been a few aspects that we wanted to see if we could improve, and those led to the development of the new Jones H-Bar Pack!

The H-Bar Pack from the rider’s point of view.

This new H-Bar Pack is welded, not sewn, and therefore is lighter and much more water resistant than the previous version.  Careful placement of the four attachment points, combined with a new single, straight zipper makes the pack easy to open and close one-handed, which we really like!  For those who really want the most solid attachment possible though, the H-Bar Pack comes with four more pieces of double-sided hook and loop webbing too!

The H-Bar Pack installed on the Jones Loop H-Bar.

Because the new H-Bar Pack is made of a single-layer, TPU-coated waterproof nylon fabric, it weighs only 95 grams versus the 162 grams of the Loophole Pack, making it a great option for riders who are looking for a super light-weight storage option!  It loses some of the organizational features of the Loophole Pack and it’s not meant as a direct replacement, but rather as another option for riders who are looking for a pared-down, less expensive, more waterproof option with a different feature set.


Side view of the H-Bar Pack.

Another important feature of all of our handlebar packs that’s worth pointing out (since it isn’t found on some of the other packs that are designed for the H-Bars) is that the attachment points are near the top of the pack.  This keeps the pack from protruding above the level of the handlebar, so that you still have access to all of the hand positions on the H-Bar!

Notice the cutouts at each end of the H-Bar Pack: those make room for your thumb to make sure you can get the full range of positions on your H-Bar!

When mounted on the Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar, the H-Bar pack will be tilted slightly, but it works great!

The H-Bar pack will be tilted slightly toward the rider when mounted on the Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar.

Because of the larger opening in the Loop section of the Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar, there is a gap all around the H-Bar Pack when mounted on that H-Bar. This gap makes some of the hand positions on the H-Bar slightly more easily accessible, but beyond that has no effect on the function of the Pack.

The Jones H-Bar Pack is available now in our online store, so head over an pick one up!