Following on from my recent 29/29+/Fat-Front tire demonstration in the Jones Plus frameset, here is an image showing how a Jones 29 (in this instance a Steel Spaceframe but it applies to all the Jones 29 frames) can accept 650b (27.5) tires. Click pic for the big version!

650B wheels (depending on tire choice) can drop a Jones 29 down a little, making it a better fit for small riders (ie 5 foot), or the smaller wheels can be fitted to create a Jones that is even faster (accelerating) and nimbler on the trails. The 27.5 x 2.8 tires here aren’t too far off the 29×2.4 tires in diameter but they do (with their greater width and volume) lend themselves to some mini-fat-bike fun on the rough stuff!

Crucially the eccentric bottom bracket (EBB) that all Jones frames have allows the crank height to be tweaked so the rider can, with the same pedal to saddle distance, adjust their position relative to the ground. Adjusting spacers above or below the stem can similarly alter the handlebar height. A rider could ‘go low’ for stability or (my recommendation) they can ensure they stay up where they usually are (when switching from 29 to 27.5 tires) and minimize pedal strikes on trail obstacles. All Jones bikes, with their EBB and Jones Geometry, can be tweaked to provide a great ride for many sizes of rider and every type and style of riding.