Brief descriptions of Jones bikes that have gone to customers

Another Bike

Joe got a Jones singlespeed bike a few months ago. His wife liked it so much and kept taking it for rides, now she is getting one too.

Now I’ll clean, tune and pack the bike. It’ll ship on Monday.


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Mike’s bike

Mike should have his bike very soon.

This is not his first Jones bike.

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New Wheel Build

I built this wheel yesterday for a bike I’m building today.

The rear hub is an Industry Nine with a SRAM XX1 compatible freehub body.

The rim is the Surly Rabbit Hole and it has two rows of 32 holes for the spokes. I built this wheel with all the spokes into the holes on the […]

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Singlespeed Bike



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Aluminum Silver Loop H-Bar

Here is the new aluminum Loop H-Bar in silver on a singlespeed bike I’m building now.

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Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB)

The bottom bracket shell for the eccentric on all Jones frames has the center section machined away. This saves weight but the main reason for this is to support the EBB at the widest points. Since the EBB is supported at the widest points and not at the center, it will not rock from […]

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Target / Practice

I had a good ride Sunday. I took out the new bike I built, the pre-production steel Diamond with unicrown frameset, that was at Interbike. A few specification details; all the spokes, front, rear, left and right are the same length and are equally tensioned. The hubs have different dimensions but the spoke length […]

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Steel Spaceframe – Fat (and) or Loaded

These are two pictures I am using to explain a little of what is possible with my bikes, and it makes sense to offer them here, on the blog, for everyone. It’s a steel Spaceframe, with frame bags in the first instance, and a fat front tire in the second. Of course, you can […]

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Magazine Review Bike

Outside magazine asked me for a bike to review a few months ago. This is the bike I sent.

I shipped it with a fat and a 29″ front wheel and a set of fat road tires.

Built with XTR

King rear hub

Jones front hub

They are finished with the bike now and will be sending it back to me soon. I look […]

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Steel Spaceframe bike with XTR and two wheel sets

This is Jason’s second Jones bike. This one is for road or dirt. And the first few photos show my bar-wrapping techniques. Might seem a minor point to make next to all the wheel, hub and frame detail shots but all the details make the bike…

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