We’ve had a lot of questions about the new versions of the Jones Plus bikes—especially the titanium Plus—and a lot of those questions have involved wanting to be notified as soon as we have pricing, delivery dates, or any more information about buying one.  We’ve considered making a wait list, but for products that are still in development (like the new Plus framesets), we like to keep things simple, so if you’re interested in the new products we’re working on, just sign up for our newsletter at the end of this post!   Also, be sure to keep an eye on this blog, because here and in our newsletter are the places we’ll release information first.

For now, the news we have is that we will have all three sizes of the steel Plus (23″ Spaceframe, 24″ Diamond, 25″ Diamond), and two sizes of the titanium Plus (24″ Diamond, 25″ Diamond).  Remember that the 23″ Plus is the only size available as a Spaceframe, and it won’t be available as a Diamond frame.  The reason for this is that Jeff wanted this size to be able to bring the great ride of the Plus bike to smaller riders, which meant maximizing standover clearance. The Spaceframe design is the best way to do this.  Because of the differences in the angles between the Jones 29 and Jones Plus bikes, the 23″ Spaceframe Plus works out to having a toptube that is effectively about 1″ shorter than the Jones 29 frame, which also technically has a 23″ top tube.  We realize this is a little confusing, but that’s how it works out, so if a Jones 29 (23″ size) fits you well, and want to get a Plus with approximately the same fit, the 24″ Diamond frame would probably be the best option, not the 23″ Spaceframe.

As we noted in the Interbike Post, there will be changes from the prototypes we’ve shown, and as soon as we firm up the details we’ll let you know what those are.  Rest assured that we are working hard to get this finished so that we can get them into production, but as much as we had hoped that it would be sooner, the frames are currently looking to be at least 5 months away.

Prototype 23" Spaceframe.

Prototype 23″ Spaceframe.

The new 24" Titanium Plus.

Prototype 24″ Titanium Plus.