This is (still) as good as it gets. The titanium Spaceframe and Truss fork deliver the rigid bicycle that is anything but. Laterally stiff to deliver the power with a vertical compliance that softens the ride? Yes, but this is only the icing on the cake. The Jones geometry ensures the best handling bike there is. It really does need to be ridden to appreciate it. Titanium, used here, provides strength, stiffness and compliance in a light, durable bike. The Jones geometry makes it all worthwhile.


The frame now has Thru-Axle dropouts front and rear. All the dropouts are Jones creations from scratch – designed then machined to deliver all the strength required while minimizing the weight. The front dropouts have chamfered guides to ease wheel insertion, the rear is sculpted to save weight. The Truss fork requires a 142 x 15mm hub such as the new Jones 135/142-F hub. The rear is Maxle standard – a Jones axle will be available but other Maxle standard axles will work. Additionally there is an option to fit a Direct-Mount Rear Derailleur (DRD) dropout to the rear for a direct mount derailleur (rather than the standard ‘B-link’ version). This is a new Shimano system for a stiffer, more efficient rear mech. function.






As well as 29” tires (or 650B wheels if it suits) you have the option to run a 29+ or 26×4” fat tire upfront. The Truss fork can accommodate any of these. The Jones Geometry delivers great handling whether traversing a continent or charging the trickiest of technical trails. It will do stuff you don’t even know how to ask of it.





Orders are now being taken for the next batch of these framesets. Only 25 are available – this is not a limited edition, it’s just we do small production runs. Order yours now.